Lamborghini Miura SV

This was where it all started - the Miura was the first car to prove itself worthy of the "supercar" tag. Prior to the Miura's arrival in 1967 many sportscars had offered high levels of performance and handling - but the Lamborghini was the first built around the criteria that define our modern concept of the supercar: massive speed, jaw-dropping design and technical innovation - together with a wallet-wilting pricetag to which only the wealthiest could aspire.

When the Miura's chassis was first shown at the 1965 Turin motorshow it caused a sensation - Lamborghini were proposing to build a mid engined supercar with a transverse mounted V12 engine. The production car appeared at the 1966 Geneva show, featuring beautiful Bertone-designed bodywork and performance figures set to make it the quickest and fastest production car in the world. The Miura's price was similarly other-worldly - £8050 in Britain, at a time when the Jaguar E-Type cost under £2000. The Miura was produced between 1967 and 1973, with a grand total of 764 cars being constructed.