2009 Avensis new Toyota unveils

Toyota will use the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October to reveal its redesigned flagship shape for Europe, the Avensis. Think of it as the old country's account of the Avalon. Though we only have a rear 3/4 shot to go by, the new Avensis looks considerably more thick than the modern kind, with a condensed deck lid, large rear tail-light, a deep shoulder line and some interesting dished embryonic above the flank sills. We don't know much moreover, other than that it will be offered with more dominant and cleaner engines when it goes on auction in Europe around January.

Toyota also announced that it will be bringing out the production variety of its iQ city car and the Urban Cruiser for the Paris show. The Urban Cruiser is chiefly a ruggedized, pathetic-roading style of the Scion xD, while the iQ is based on the model of the same name that debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007.