2009 Pontiac Chevy Volt most likely for second Volt

When the Chevy Volt goes on selling behind 2010, it may be united soon thereafter by other GM-branded cycle hybrids using the eFlex architecture. Nevertheless after the General's bread-and-butter bow-tie group, which brands make the most gist to get their own Volt? We've already seen a Cadillac with underlying eFlex technology, and GM's luxury arm could trust upper prices to offset the cost of the luxurious powertrain. After Cadillac, Saturn might be a good bet considering we've already seen an eFlex-based Saturn-branded FlexStream thought.

Susan Docherty, GM's North American secondary president of Buick, Pontiac and GMC, thinks GM's dynamic excitement band is an ordinary fit for a Volt-like fusion. Her wisdom is that the Pontiac sort can magnetize a younger crowd that eagerly accepts new technology and cold-brink point. We're not so constant. If Pontiac is believed to erect excitement, how does that jive with a weighty battery flock in a car that's engineered to rescue fuel somewhat than go express? Then again, nothing says minute torque quite like an electric vehicle. Dealers who bought into shop shared Buick, Pontiac and GMC supplies will want at least one vehicle in their showrooms based on the eFlex architecture, still, and Pontiac makes more intuit than Buick or GMC.