2009 SEMA Preview RENNtech's Pikes Peak-inspired hybrid GLK 2008

Of all the trucks that have proliferated into the Mercedes-Benz line-up, the GLK isn't closely the most aggressive. Nevertheless according to the newest reports, Mercedes is lining up an array of aftermarket tuners at the SEMA show to fill what appears to be more than a little testosterone into the compact sport-ute.

First up to bat is RENNtech, the Florida-based group responsible, among other stuff, for the bringing the McLaren SLR 722 to America and actually receiving it to food 722 horsepower. RENNtech has taken inspiration from the Pikes Peak challenge – one of the most iconic and control-fearful mound-climb actions in the world – to start this hardcore GLK. Little is known in the way of niceties, but the vehicle is said to appear RENNtech's first performance cross drivetrain. Brabus, Blvd Customs and Legendary Motorcars are also said to be preparing tailored GLKs for SEMA, while Mercedes has not yet confirmed its participation in the show. While we interval for that, invoice out the metaphors in the portico below.