6.1-pound full carbon fiber wheel Weds creates

Wedding Sports, a Japanese controls-maker, has twisted a rounded carbon yarn helm -- rims, spokes, hub, everything -- that weighs 2.76 kg. Coming out to about 6.1 pounds, that's about half the stress of the Dymag carbon makeup swing with a magnesium rim that you'll find on a Callaway Corvette, and just over a throb more than Dymag's all-carbon gallop-certain front circle for a motorcycle.

According to a brutal translation of Weds' literature, they use a dry carbon strength practice that makes the wheels fervent enough for... Well, we're not actually constant. While the rims look absolutely ace, we can't find any other guests that makes a whole wheel out of carbon makeup, and Weds apparently hasn't yet put the in production, which leads us to think that these babies were destined only for the scales at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Nevertheless if you have $12,000 for a set of four, and you live in a corner with no potholes and no curbs, these could be the rims for you.