@PorscheRaces tweeted: You have missed raceday @FIAWEC Spa? Enjoy our video: @AussieGrit @NicoHulkenberg @grid1tv @Chopard @MichelinTyres

Porsche Motorsport
You have missed raceday @FIAWEC Spa? Enjoy our video: @AussieGrit @NicoHulkenberg @grid1tv @Chopard @MichelinTyres
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Nico Hülkenberg
Exciting weekend with @PorscheRaces @FIAWEC Spa. Great fans. Learned a lot about racing in traffic. Well prepared for Le Mans. #919hybrid
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Porsche NA Racing
RT @PatrickPilet: P3 after a crazy race!
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TUDOR Championship
Starting on pole, @plindsey73 & @SpencerPumpelly stayed in front of the field till the end -> bit.ly/1R3Lt0L
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Video: oddest racers at the 'Ring
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Roads are nice and empty first thing on a Bank Holiday! Anyone else set the alarm early? #MyPistonHeads
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